Engagements & Weddings & Babies oh my!

It feels like just yesterday, I was just worried about toys, recess, and getting the last cookie at dinner, only now I am worried about engagement parties; bridal showers, and baby names. I am moving into that season of life filled with very big milestones for friends, family, and myself. With all that excitement, celebration, and God filled joy, I get a little overwhelmed at times when looking at where my own relationship is going.

weddingpostI am in no rush to get married, but I just can’t help but daydream about my own future wedding. And at every wedding it’s a whole different scene. I have been dating Stephen (my wonderful boyfriend) for well over a year & a half now and the conversation has come up more and more frequently. Summer just seems like wedding after wedding nowadays, and I love being able to see two special people in my life make those teary eyed promises to each other(I’m just going to admit it now, I cry like a baby at weddings.) Weddings are just so much fun to be apart of, and I am dying to have my own soon. I am not engaged yet(ahem.. Steve…) but I know that in perfect timing it will happen.

My favorite part about weddings is the part in the ceremony when the bride and groom turn to each other and make their vows. I love seeing the looks the other gets when they hear the love of their life spill their hearts out for them in front of everyone there. The vows pull at my own heart strings and make me feel like these promises being said are more than just promises coming from one persons heart to the other. These promises are filled with God’s joy, love, and passion for these people too. I was just at a wedding yesterday in fact, and when the couple exchanged their vows, I could hear God speaking into them. It was amazing, being apart of witnessing that love, it just leaves me with butterflies.

I can’t wait to share that experience one day with God and Steve. I can’t wait to make promises and vows to him, while trying to choke back the excitement (aka tears again… oh no my make up..) But I know that rushing things never gets you anywhere quicker, especially when God has the final word. weddingpost3

While I day dream about proposals, wedding dresses, and holding my own baby, I know that God is in control, and His plan will trump all of mine. I love this season of life, and as others have told me I really have to enjoy it because it won’t be long until I’m in their shoes, watching my own kids enter this very season of life. So, I plan on taking that advice and enjoying all the celebration this time has to offer!

Love, Ange


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